When it comes to safeguarding your business, protecting your premises is paramount. HD IP CCTV systems installed by Kite Networks provide the most advanced active deterrent against criminal damage, breaking and entering, and theft. For quotes on commercial HD CCTV installations across North Wales and the North West call us on 01352 755 828 for a free site survey.

Should an intruder gain access to your commercial premises, high definition images will be captured and activity monitored via clear, high resolution images, which can be used as criminal evidence. Due to the clear images from HD CCTV as opposed to other systems, they are first choice CCTV systems of more businesses each year across North Wales and the North West.

High definition CCTV systems operate over a wide area and a single HD megapixel camera can replace several standard analogue cameras to deliver significant cost savings. The cameras provide full surveillance and visibility whilst capturing outstanding image quality, which is retained when enlarged for detailed incident analysis. High resolution images assist greatly where criminal evidence requires the identification of faces, vehicle licence plates and specific objects.

The HD IP CCTV systems installed by Kite Networks enable you to actively monitor your premises. Should an intruder be detected, a white light can be activated to deter further criminal activity. High resolution images, with true colour night images, can be captured, digitally converted and broadcast over an IP network to be viewed remotely from any worldwide location. Our installers can integrate the system onto your existing IP network to enable you to control recordings and monitor footage in-house or remotely, depending on your requirements and preferences. We can expertly install high definition CCTV onto new or existing IP networks, upgrade existing analogue CCTV systems to HD IP CCTV and integrate remote access monitoring via a range of devices.